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Shenzhen Pro-Tech Energy co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter of rechargeable battery since 2010. We engage in manufacturing and exporting Li-ion Cylindrical, Li-polymer and LiFePo4 battery, Ni-MH battery and Ni-Cd battery, including high temperature type, low temperature type, wide temperature type, high rate discharge type and long cycle life type, our batteries have been widely applied in many fields, for example, military industry, robotic industry, medical treatment, finance, communication, security and protection, transportation, logistics, lighting, mine, etc. Our batteries passed by ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, UL, IEC 62133, UN38.3,CE, ROHS and CB certifications, ect. We produce Lithium-ion battery, Ni-MH battery and Ni-Cd battery cells and customized battery packs. Our batteries are widely exported to the North American, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, Korea, and other countries in the world.

Low Temperature Li-Polymer Battery for Outdoor Pipelines

Product Description Battery type: 4S20P Nominal voltage: 14.8V Nominal capacity: 36Ah Standard continuous discharge current: 0.2C Maximum continuous discharge current: 1C Working tem...


Ni-Cd Battery High Temperature Type

High Temperature Type In certain battery application, it requires the battery equipped to be charged at lower current and working in high temperature environment. In this case, normal batteries owing ...


Ni-MH Battery High Temperature Type

High Temperature TypeProduction Characteristic:Suitable using temperature:-20 ~ +85℃. Charging and discharging rate is up to 90% under high temperature.More than 4 years using time. Extremely ...


Ni-MH Battery Low Temperature Type

Low Temperature Ni-MHProduction Characteristic:Suitable using temperature:-45 - +60℃. Charging and discharging efficiency is higher than 90% under -40℃. More than 5 years using time.Extr...


How to Customize Rechargeable Battery Packs ?

Taking Project Management, technology innovation and elite team as basis, Pro-Tech' custom rechargeable battery products and solutions fully expresses its core competence in fast response, excellence, customization and after-sales guarantee. It creates more value for end users in the process of providing special-usage Rechargeable battery products and solutions.


  1. Product Request Details: We need you to fill a Product Request Form, we check it and make sure it is complete and clear enough.
  2. Feasibility Evaluation and Project Launch: Project manager will organize the project team and evaluate its feasibility in aspects of EE, mechanism, software, electrochemistry, workmanship, quality and supply chain. Then, Feasibility Study Report will be released for the Project Manager’s approval for project launch.
  3. Product Design and Review Project Manager will organize R&D team to start product design including ID designer, mechanical engineer, EE engineer, battery engineer, software engineer.
  4. Design Verification and Review: Prototype sample to be made for verifications, including but not limited to schematic, PCBA layout, ID, mechanical design, software design, battery performance, sample making and test, problems and solutions, EB1, tooling fabrication, pilot run, sample full test and customer approval.
  5. Workmanship Verification and Pilot Run: We will follow Pro-Tech' Technical Manual, to draw up SOP which meets
  6. Product Certification Test: Samples will be submitted for overall tests according to Pro-Tech' Reliability Test Standard of Rechargeable Battery Products, in the meantime, to apply certification test as per customer’s request in authorized third-party Lab.
  7. Project Ending: To get customer acceptance, collect and store important documents and summarize.

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