Cell Selection

Selecting the proper cell for a pack design is one of the most critical aspects affecting size, cost, performance and quality. Pro-Tech provides the latest cell technology along with in-depth specification and performance knowledge. With our global resource network, we can provide performance verification of cells and actual application load/temperature profile testing in our Performance Verification Lab™, ensuring optimum performance in real world situations.

lithiumbattesafe1Safety Circuitry

Pro-Tech is a leader in developing circuitry to assure safety for all battery chemistries. All lithium ion (Li-ion) assemblies require (at minimum) a safety circuit with protection for over voltage, under voltage and over current, as well as temperature sensing to charge only when safe. Our engineering teams have many in-house designs to choose from as a reference for all applications. Since all applications are not equal, it is very important to design a safety circuit to match the product it is going into.