Robot Lithium-ion and Ni-MH Battery Solution

Pro-Tech is committed to provide professional technical support and product services for global lithium battery users and our lithium battery customized solutions are widely used in robot fields.
Applications: industrial robots,cleaning robots, service robots, educational robots, entertainment robots and so on. The solution is in line with         industry relevant standards and global UL, CE, FCC, PSE, KC, BSMI, UN38.3, RoHS and other relevant certification standards.


14.8V 10400mAh Lithium Battery Pack Solution for Usher Robot                         

· Applicable occasion:indoor

· Working temperature/humidity:-10~60℃;40~60%RH

· Storage temperature/humidity:-10~60℃;50~70%RH

· Requirements of charge and discharge under high/low 

  temperature:0~45℃ charge;-10~60℃ discharge.

· Battery specification:18650-4S4P-10400mAh-14.8V

· Battery cell:18650-2500mAh-3.7V(LG Cell)

· PCB and components:IC   BQ40Z50-R1+AO4468

                                         MOS    FDS6690A*2

· Encapsulation mode:Plastic case + basic protection

· Nominal voltage:14.8V                            


· Nominal capacity:10400mAh

· Dimension: 150*71*38mm

· Internal resistance: ≤250mΩ

· Weight: 780g

· Charge current: 2A

· Max start-up current:3A start-up time for 20ms

· Continous discharge current: 2A

· Protective current: 8~15A

· Charge voltage: 16.8V

· Cut-off voltage: 11.0V

· Life cycle: charge and discharge condition:0.2C                                                                                 

                   charge and discharge≥300 times

· Charge temperature: 0~45℃

· Discharge temperature: -20~60℃

· Storage temperature: -20~60℃