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 Quality Policy

Pro-Tech insist on supplying excellent battery quality to customers in home and abroad. We have completely sets of battery test system, imported a number of advanced test equipments from Japan, There are battery safety and reliability testing projects as much as on 20 fields, from the thorn, squeeze, drop, high and low temperature test to over charge and over discharge test, so as to test the safety and reliability of battery. There are at least two quality control workers specially in tracking and detecting in each production line. Follow strict quality management processes in incoming quality control (IQC), process quality control (IPQC), outgoing Quality Control (OQC), battery quality, reliability and safety performance control, customer service, quality engineering, instrument calibration, and system management tools to ensure the battery quality, and provide customers with safe and reliable products. We have passed ISO 9001:2008 and ISO14000: 2004 certification, CE, UL, UN38.3, IEC62133, etc.

Battery test center in accordance with IEC61960-2003, IEC60086-4 IEC621333, UL1642, UN38.3 standard requirements, to make battery reliability, safety testing and product practicability test.  (1) security test:  Thermal shock test, short circuit test, acupuncture test, compression test, heavy impact test, free fall test, vibration testing, overcharge test, high/low temperature cycling testing, altitude simulation test  (2) reliability testing:  Capacity test, damp heat test, rate discharge test, high temperature discharge test, low temperature discharge test, charge retention and capacity recovery test, cycle life test, 85℃storage test  (3) User experience test:  Follow the end-consumer demand and useage habits, on the purpose of match the design of the application, test the battery practicability, continue to provide battery follow-up recommendations and improvement, provide customers with the best product solutions.

Test Center

Pro-Tech Energy test center is established according to IEC61960,IEEE-1725,UL2054,UL1642 standard , which also has good cooperation with famous test centers at home and abroad. According to EU and NA standard in li-ion battery field , Large test center provides perfect test and certification of lithium batteries , four high one low batteries ( high temperature , high voltage , high capacity , high power , low voltage ), shaped battery packs , storage battery modules , special batteries.

Test Center: consisting of safety laboratory, environment laboratory, environmental protection laboratory and photovoltaic power storage laboratory. Equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipments, Pro-Tech Energy is able to conduct overall tests and certificatiosn for raw material, accessory materials, spare parts, and battery modules at international level.

Aging Test Center

Pro-Tech Energy’ aging test center owns most comprehensive aging test system including 5V/3A,10V/5A,20V/10A,60V/30A,80V/40A,100V/50A to 100V/100A system.

Manufacture Center

Pro-Tech Energy’ manufacture Center has power bank production line , Storage battery packs , High power battery packs , industrial battery packs and special battery packs assembly line which could fully meet individuation , diversification , mass production request of consumer power energy, storage power , high power supply , back-up power supply and special power supply.